Men’s Skin Care

I’m not one to post skin products but I had extremely awful acne growing up. SO BAD! I don’t have a single blemish anymore and these are the products I would recommend for any one struggling with their skin.

#1 25% TCA Chemical Peel:

This is the number one thing I would recommend for anyone struggling with acne. It fixed all my skin problems with only one application and even helped with my acne scarring and I only have to do a treatment every 4 months to keep the great results! Do TONS of research before using this product! If the peel is done incorrectly you can permanently ruin your skin. 


#2 Clinique Skin Supplies for Men

I use the Clinique Skin Supplies 3-step skin care system 2.5 (not the 3.5 as pictured). I have skin that is oily and dry so its gentle enough and throughly cleans, moisturizes and really keeps everything flat as I tend to get small

bumps on my forehead. the lotion leaves my skin looking suple but not oily.

#3 Mario Badescu Silver Powder

I have huge pores under my eyes and blackheads on my nose. I put this powder on for 10 minuets and my pores are much noticeably smaller and the blackheads are completely gone. I use it when ever I feel I need it and it works great!

retin-a#4 Retin-A

This one is prescription only. It’s a derivative of Vitamin-A and is generally prescribed for Acne. Although, I don’t use it for Acne. I use it because Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant and can also provide daily micro-peels. It’s the best anti-aging cream out there and if you can get past 2-4 weeks of your skin looking sun-burnt, tight, and dry, your skin will glow! It also makes my #1-The TCA Chemical Peel work deeper and more evenly. This is the best option but if you can’t get your hand on a prescription find something with retinoid or retinal these are lower dose over the counter options.